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Major Clan Management Chat Bug


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Hey guys, found a pretty serious Clan bug and wanted to ensure that any fellow leaders/officers were aware of it.


*Clan Manager "CHAT BUBBLES" will show up for all clan members, regardless of rank/permissions.*


Some explanation:

My clan typically uses Manager chat as a private way to discuss recruits/potential vets etc.

Currently permissions allow Veterans and above to use/see Manager chat.

We were running a dungeon as a clan group, consisting of myself, a veteran, and two members whom we were considering bumping up to vets as well.

During the run, myself and the vet were discussing the members, only to have them respond with: "Oh, we can actually see that."

Apparently, if a player has the manager chat bubble option turned on, it overrides the permissions.

In this case, a member (without permissions) was able to see a "private discussion" between any veterans nearby.


Thankfully in this case, the discussion was purely positive, and the members in question were pretty cool about the whole thing. =]

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This this this....was expecting it to be private b/t people that actually manage the clan buuut rip. Thankfully nothing bad was said. Not sure if a bug or the intended purpose...if it IS the intended purpose it seems kinda useless outside of having an uninterrupted chat b/t managers

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