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Still recruiting~

General Info

Clan Name: White Album
Rank: 15
Faction: Cerulean
VoIP: Discord

Who We Are:

Hello! We are an active clan filled with both hardcore/semi-hardcore players since closed alpha! We love playing BnS together as a clan, and our goal is to simply enjoy the game. We want to become the most active, fun, yet chill clan on the Poharan server.

To promote friendships, we have an active clan chat and Discord channel. Conversations are limitless and there will always be players active in voice chat to talk to. It will be hard to exclude yourself with so many outgoing individuals in White Album! We will do our best to stay alive and make our members happy.

What We Do:

1. Purple Dungeons ($$)
2. Dailies + daily challenges (EXP & $$)
3. 6v6 mode with clan members
4. Have fun talking to each other!

Why Join Us:

1. White Album special super awesome clan outfit!!
2. Active and fun community to make more friends!!
3. All clan benefits!! (upgrade discount, windstride to clan, etc.)
4. Fun clan events!! (Clan tournament/lottery, etc.)
5. More good things that you can find out yourself!!


1. MAIN character
2. HM10+ **
3. Must join our Discord channel
4. Be active
5. Speaks English
6. One time member fee
7. Faction rank master sergeant+

** Special cases allowed
Side note: NA players preferred


1. Be nice, mature, and respectful to everyone in the game/Discord. **
2. Please don't be an elitist. Unreasonable AP/Class discrimination is not tolerated. 
3. We don't encourage cliques, please try to create a better community together.
4. No scamming, cheating, or dungeon leeching. You will be kicked immediately.
5. Please notify a clan admin if you plan on taking a break from the game.

**We cherish this rule very much because once you join, you stand for the clan

How To Join:

You must join our Discord channel and apply under #application.

If you have any problems please contact any admin below:



Shiina Miyuri
Kuro Usagí
Benedict Cumberpatch
Evill Ryu
TenTen ZeroOne


1. Please join our Discord channel and enjoy the fun! HERE
2. If there are any players violating the rules, feel free to report them to any admin.

Thank you for reading! Join us~!

Clan pictures:

Resized to 36% (was 1750 x 993) - Click image to enlargePosted Image


Resized to 35% (was 1822 x 995) - Click image to enlargePosted Image


Resized to 34% (was 1855 x 880) - Click image to enlargePosted Image


Resized to 36% (was 1754 x 892) - Click image to enlargePosted Image


Resized to 36% (was 1784 x 920) - Click image to enlargePosted Image


Resized to 47% (was 1360 x 768) - Click image to enlargePosted Image


Resized to 33% (was 1920 x 1080) - Click image to enlargePosted Image

Discord preview:

Posted Image 

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Is your clan name reference to the old school VN/anime named White Album or the Beatles?

Just curious owo

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I feel, as we are hastily approaching the 50 patch (based purely on the speed we're getting content), that most people might be focusing on obtaining their true pirate weapon first instead of upgrading their accessories at awakened pirate. Therefore the awakened siren accessories requirement, although it's rather easy to reach, might not be met by many. 


Would it it be better to simply up the weapon requirement to true pirate and leave the accessories as inferno as I think that's the path most of us will take.


Anyways, not trying to be anything but constructive as a close friend of mine is in white album.


All the best.


edit: spelling! Typing on phone OP!

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Joined yesterday, looks like a very active (30+ online during peak hours) and interactive (always people talking in guild chat) clan with geared and friendly members. +1 from here

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Hi there i applied to your guild. Want to speak to an officer before i join though :)


IGN: Khari 


or just pm me on here thanks!

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