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Disable IP Location Authentification (?)


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Is it somehow possibel to stop the game/launcher from checking my IP ?

My ISP is assigning me a new IP everyday so i have to go through this process pretty much on a daily basis.

It was just a minor annoyance but today my mail service provider had issues and i couldnt access my mails makeing this really troublesome.

Unchecking the "Save current IP..." only makes it worse since it causes me to authentificate on each log in instead of only once a day.

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5 minutes ago, Magni said:

Well that kinda sucks. Cant't help it then.


Pretty much where we're all at with it.


May not apply to your ISP, but "usually" leaving your modem on will result in it pulling the same address again the next refresh cycle. I have dynamic as well, and it hasn't changed in a month or so.

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