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Hi fellows!


I'm trying to learn how do defeat the Onyxwing Raptor Patriarch in Daggerbeak Rookery and so far i'm getting beat up. Our skill Play time should work on flying targets but that does not work at all. I dont even see V change to play time when the Patriarch is airborn.


So does anyone got any skill setup to work for that boss?


Sorry guys i wrote wrong instans in the original had to edit. Its the blue 6 man dungeon Daggerbeak Rookery.


Now maybe someone has an idea how to beat him :)


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I'm surprised not a singel summoner answered this. Either to tell i'm doing something really wrong and stop playing. Or someone telling me how its done :)


Anyway after the patch my pet feels so week due to the nerfs on both holding aggro and healing so soloing anything on pair with the level your on (45) seems pointless. 

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