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Yun Blade Master Animation Bug


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This is a minor issue, but when using Lunar Slash ability on my Yun Blade Master when walking forwards or backwards her animation looks like her back is completely broken. I have also noticed it on the Breeze Ability but not to the same extent. I don't know if this merely because I made my character too thin and thus the animation was not designed for that body configuration.

 EPWclCC.jpg eGCnIo2.jpgl1IMqUy.jpg

These are the only abilities I've noticed this on so far but if you have seen this on other abilities feel free to post them as well.


edit: Tried to get a better picture.


Sorry for the ui clutter.


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Giving this a bump because it's not a problem with the character models but with the animation itself: I've seen it happen to all Blademasters. Below is a male Jin I made and the same happened to him.





To me, it seems like the problem is that movement in any direction overrides skill animations on the legs. This works okay for most skills and most classes I've seen, but with this particular one it's very noticeable and off-putting.

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