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We got it harder than most classes as destroyer, comparing them.

Summoner/FM are ranged, so they barely have to dodge anything.

Blade master/KFM are tankier and have more tools.

Assassin/BD got more reliable I-frames/are faster


But there's ways to do it,

Rely mostly on your fury for big bursts of damage and make sure you heal a lot during your fury, crit lifesteal gems and all are a must to reliably stay alive.

I think the moonwater arena souls set is much better to use than Poharan, you lose a bit of damage but these bosses just do too much hard to avoid damage to you. For blackwyrm you can use POH because he is a lot more predictable.

Try to reduce AOE damage by spinning, speccing into the extra defense tree or if you are sure you can deflect it the deflect tree (can you deflect the stuff? not 100% sure haven't tried it)

Your C should atleast keep you safe from one AOE, preferably an unblockable AOE.

There's an animation that shows AOE but is actually blockable by stone shield, learn his animations not only the circles, so you can block that attack too.

Leap back also saves you from one aoe.


We just gotta accept the fact that we got it harder, try to lifesteal as much as possible and don't take too many risks, mostly rely on fury to get enough damage done.

Destroyer is by no means a bad class for killing these bosses, but they are more difficult especially when you don't have a lot of lifesteal to heal back up.



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I'm able to constantly dps the sapphire boss without having to move away for heals anytime now. 

Only for the vermillion when I make a mistake with the dodges/resists that I'll have to move out to heal up wiht a dumpling.


I use the searing strike/blitz/ram for damage resist. And I try to save the ss for cases of getting hit by an attack of the vermillion.


When I need to quickly heal up and I know that my fury is up. I'll first put the stomp on the floor, activate fury and quickly press smash for a pretty big heal. 


I use this tree for the bosses. Works pretty well for me. 



The last 2 skill points are on your own choosing. The knee crit for focus is good and the leapback 2 points is also good.


This has worked so far for me. Everyone might have their own opinion on it. It's also getting used to predicting his attacks slightly.



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