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No visual feedback on the fact that opening chests costs keys...


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Yes, it's a bug.


I'm talking about the chests in the game, not the ones you have in your inventory.

The visual feedback when you open the chest is exactly the same as the one you have when you open a gate, or a door.

There's absolutely nothing telling you that opening the chest in front of you will consume a key...


I only realized it when farming Naksun for the Infinite Challenge outfit.

Then after a while, I realized I coulnd't open the chest at the end of the dungeon anymore, and I also realized all my keys were gone...

Which means VERY VERY late into the game... because like most people, I don't really keep track of exactly how many keys I have, especially when so many daily quests give them like candy.


There should be an icon when you're about to open a chest indicating that you will consume a key when you open it.

Here's an example :


- Current Feedback



- Better Feedback


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Agreed. Luckily I found out much earlier in the game, still on viridian coast, but there should be a warning you need to use keys, at least the first times for those who are playing their first character and are still unaware of all the game mechanics. Wouldn't call it a bug though, more like a design flaw that makes the game not much noob-friendly. Unless there was meant to be a warning and it doesn't display.

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They should probably show a small confirmation popup, like they do when you consume an unsealing charm or a key inside your inventory.

They even show a confirmation popup when you're about to loot a bound item lol (no one cares, by the way, this popup is completely unnecessary).

So they can at least show one like this when you're about to use a key to open a chest...

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