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Can't play the game...


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Okay so I've had ALOT of problems with this game and crashes, it's been unplayable most of the time becuase it keeps crashing for no reason. Recently, maybe last 2-3 days, it's gotten much better and I have been able to actually play without to many crashes. But also around that time it started messing up in a worse way, making the game completly unplayable if I happen to die. You see when I die and try to revive it crashes. So I restart it and try to revive again what happens? crash. I log in again, still dead and it crashes when I try to revive. It runs normaly until I press the button 4 to revive, then it starts the revive, I start floating and bam crash. Anyone knwo why this might happen and have any help to give it would be much appreciated, thanks!

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