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Graphical bug (Sunder skill) again...


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Alright, I've been having this issue for a few days now and its not a huge issue to me but it is very eye drawing. It has become distracting enough that I am seeking assistance in solving it. 

Without further a due...(edit: posted this over a week ago in bug reports...no answer and I have tried reinstalling to no avail)


Now I believe I know the source of the problem, but I'm unsure of exactly where it is. I have really bad net (desperate to not have to download for 3 days straight) , so I took a short cut before starting my download through the download manager. I transferred what I knew was going to be used by the new client and then used the repair tool. Simple and easy way to cut off 

2-2 1/2 days. Well it worked 99.999% of the way, but I'm left with this one issue (aka one file or two that deals with this skill or maybe the dust it kicks up...) that does the above glitch/bug. Does anyone know which file it is?

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 I had this issue when head Start happened, Support knows shit. I know a way to fix it but it will need you to redownload it.


There's is a hidden folder for Bns Somewhere with a few Configs. Even if you "repair file" it will not fix that texture issue for whatever reason.


My fix is, uninstall, re-install in a Diferent Folder, it will re-write the config file to the new file and re-download that texture.


maybe moving the Game folder is enough but I haven't tested it.

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