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Arena Lag Spikes on EU


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Okay I'm not sure if this is a "bug" but it definitely needs fixing as it makes the arena unplayable competitve-wise.


Long story short, arena on EU servers (I'm on Windrest) lags like hell without WTFast. I get constant half a SECOND lag spikes, I'm not good with networking but I believe it's lost packets. But it happens way too often.


Now, this is not just a whining post, I will try to give you info so you can look into it and hopefully fix


- In open world, dungeons or even cross-server dungeons, ping is fine most of the time. Even without WTFast

- In Arena, constant lags pikes (packet losses?) without WTFast. It's fine with WTFast, but this shouldn't be required to play this game, especially if you play from EU


And no, my ping is fine, 32-35ms constant average. I'm not complaining about being far from server and having crappy ping, because my "average" ping is good, I'm complaining about lag SPIKES, which happen ONLY in arena, and ONLY without wtfast


Please look into it and try to fix as it makes arena unplayable (literally)

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Same here,


I am from germany and still have 200ms+ in, and only in, Arena.
There are many posts about this topic, but still no reply from NCSoft.
@Shiro i dont think its packet loss, i did run some tests and none of my packets got lost.
NCSoft just fix it as soon as possible arena is unplayable for many players right now, if you need some information from our side just say it.


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Same here! my ping is arround 30 usually, never experienced these lags before patch. Now arena is just unplayable, atleast for me. I want to lose, because im bad, not because of lag spikes. I hope they will fix it. I play BnS only for arena ;(

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