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Fail to connect server.200


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I just tried to login today and the result is..

Please help me how to fix this. Thanks.




My specs :

             - i7 4720HQ 2.6Ghz (up to 3.6Ghz)

             - Nvidia GTX 960M

             - RAM 8GB

             - Windows 8.1

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I keep getting the same error randomly when I try to login. I get it almost on every session and the only solution I've found is to keep trying, which is bothersome and time consuming because the client shuts itself down every time...


There are also other disconnects which may happen in the loading screen such as: Disconnected from server.(300).


This is getting on my nerves and it doesn't look like the developers have any idea what is causing it...


PS: Typing ipconfig /flushdns on a command prompt sometimes helps get past the pin screen, but the other disconnects are then likely to show up at the character screen.

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