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Disconnected from server 1000 132 10054


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I got this from this thread. It seem to work


I have found a fix. I have Win 10 64 bits and I had the same problem. Hope it works

Right click on Blade & Soul shortcut.

  • Properties.
  • Compatibility.
  • Compatibility mode
  • Run this program in compatibility mode for:
  • Windows 7


  • Run this program as an administrator.
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If did tidn't help please try the following 

1. Go to configuration screen. 
2. Go to Network 
3. In the left bar you'll see something like "Change adapters". Please click on that link 
4. You'll know see your Ethernet card and if you are on a laptop maybe your wireless card. Well if you use a wire please use the ethernet card if you are on wireless use the wifi card. 
5. Right click on it and chose properties. 
6. Now you see a bunch of options if everything is set-up correctly you see something like : " TCP/IPV4" . Click with your left mouse button on it and now the "Property" bar is enabled/U
7. A new window will open, you can now chose "Use the following DNS servers". You now have to insert a ip-adres. The one is use is from google. so please insert he following settings. and in the other box  Please press apply and try it again. 

I'm sorry for the typo's englihs isn't my native language, please note i'm not one of the staff i'm just trying to help out. You could also try the openDNS ip adressses. i did not try these myself but if you are concerned for your privacy you could use openDNS 

I hope this helps 

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