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Questions on CC, Kite, and etc on summoner

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I heard ppl talking about CC, Kite, Stun, Grab, but I am not 100% clear on this part. If there is more, plz let me know!

Could some one explain to me about CC and Kite. 

Which button or skill belong to which one for summoner?

Grab = tab and X 
Stun = C
What about CC and Kite? o.o 

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Grab: any move that pins, picks up, or otherwise grabs the enemy and holds them in place, such as destroyers choke hold, kfm pin, and fm force choke(what it is look at it!).


Stun: a form of crowd control that renders the target unable to react for a couple seconds varies by move, 


CC= Crowd Control any move that prevents target from moving or acting, such as summoners number 1 skill that snares, 


Kite: using snares, roots and other CC to keep enemy from getting close enough to attack you.


Just read your skills in the skills window... kiting as a summoner is really easy, typically use 1 and f skill to snare and root the target, while keeping a distance i use weed whack and thorns combo on top of the Q taunt skill on my summoner its such a cake walk. 

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