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Good Online Resources/References?


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I was doing some thinking in the shower just now, and I really wish there was some sort of cross-referential encyclopedia of BnS skills out there for research.  As an example, something as simple as Dragonchar saying "Pierces Parry".  


What exactly is a "Parry" in the game?  What is the list of abilities that classify as "Parry"?  


Or Snowball's mid line where it says "Cancels Defensive Skills".  What classifies as a "Defensive Skill" in the game across each class?  


Or the infamous (there was already a thread about it) Frost Tornado, which says it Pierces Parry, in addition to "When first attack hits Unable to use all Attack and Defense skills for 4 sec."  The only indication that it doesn't mean ALL skills (Attack skills and Defense skills) is that when they talk about defense skills, they say "Defensive Skill".  So "Attack and Defense" is a classification for a set of abilities in the game, and I hear the list isn't very large.  So which abilities on which classes are they?


My dream would be to load up a skill tree like the one in-game in a web browser, then create a build.  bnstree.com appears to do this well so far, AND it clarifies the tooltips to be much more easy to read (for example, instead of "Pierces Parry", it says "Penetrates Deflect".  Perfect!  "Deflect" is a word I see in-game as a result of my actions, so I can already start to tell how I can use them better.  However, in my ideal world that I don't think exists, I would be able to click on "Deflect" and bring up a list of every ability that causes "Deflect" for every class, including what skill tier/stage is required.  Even MORE ideally, it would cross-reference popular builds for each class for the FM match-up (or any desired match-up) and give a % used metric so you can understand if this is something you'll probably be up against.


Does anyone know if this information does exist in some digestible format online besides the reference in bnstree?  As it stands, it looks like I'll have to go through and make my own personal library of information base on bnstree's detail on other classes to determine when something might be useful against a class, what it is useful against, and when it would be useless.  I won't be opposed to doing just that, but I'm always down for a more optimized way to consume info.


Anything would be appreciated!


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