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I can play. NO longer freezing. possible reasons.


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I was having a random freeze about every ten minutes when especially when i loaded. I justu got done playing for about 4 hours with no crash. I can't say for sure what changed but I can give a list of possibilities hopefully it will help others that have crashed. 

 1. The first possibility is that Devs put through a ninja optimization patch. I have no idea if this is the case or not but a possibility. 

2. I just bought a new router. I was using an old wireless n router and i was only getting about 10-15 mbps. This is usually enough to run most mmos but maybe not BNS. I now have a netgear nighthawk ac1300  wireless 802.11ac router and an upgraded network adapter. I am now getting my ISP's full bandwidth of 66Mbps at a transfer speed of 486mbps.  Is this the reason Im not crashing? no idea. SO if you are crashing check your network and maybe try pluging in with a hardline. 

3. I also turned on v-sync. I had it off before. I dont know why this would cause a crash but I read people talking about v-sync in another game so I turned it on. I dont konw if this is the fix because I didnt have the guts to turn it off again to see if i started crashing again. lol. 


Let me know if anyone can verify any of these fixes or if you are still crashing/ freezing or not. 

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