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When will hongmoon store cycle clothing? Can I save my money for now knowing they will be there for a while?


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As the title says. Hoping the clothes stay for a while so I can buy them later, still recovering from purchases early this year for other things... 

Just wish they had details on when things will be taken off the shop like they do for recent winter clothing and what we have now until Feb 12th.


How can they expect people to dish out so much money only 1 month in... limited clothing / RNG box and now i'm hearing about all clothes will be cycled? Oh easter it coming! Lol. Just think how much they've made from people buying everything so far... seen someone on youtube EU open 28 boxes and not get the padded coat and some other EU guy apparently spent 6000 euro? not sure if it's all calculated from using in-game gold/hongmoon coin or w/e but still that's insane... could be fake, insane but yeah.. I know there are rules you got to be aware of for that stuff, no guarantee etc. http://www.engadget.com/2011/09/22/nexon-ncsoft-refuse-to-fully-cooperate-with-south-korean-mmo-ga/

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