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KFM viable for solo/arena?


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By now I have played bm/summoner,

but kfm seems nowhere near these 2 atm kfm is 15 havent won against anyone in arena no matter how good or bad they are seems like I lack of skills/combos compared to other players at same level


if someone could explain how and when KFM becomes viable for solo lvling and arena would be very nice as I'm losing hopes,


also. KFM has prob worst skills explanation tutorial like srsly.... all tutorials were for same moves other classes explained detailed at least bout more combos.

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Hey man, 


I have a KFM at level 45.  I believe it's a challenging but ultimately rewarding class to play.  In terms of leveling, I had no problems.  I wouldn't go the recommended build but I would actually just pick all the burst AOE skills.  I can usually take out a mob of 3-4 enemies no problem.  However, I rarely find myself fighting that many enemies to begin with.  Solo 1v1 fighting is where the KFM player excels in.  So as long as you don't aggro too many bad guys, you should be ok.  If I play carefully, I can usually go the entire session without dropping under 90% hp.  Some skills I would definitely get for leveling is the skill that returns 50% hp when you successfully counter.  The tiger strike? It's your "2" punch that will instantly allow a hell fire kick.  Instant cast aoe "4" meteor punch.  The high dmg "F" button roundhouse kick.  And the 10% hp leech "Z" spinning jumping kick.  


As KFM, I got to 45 without a hitch and felt at no point leveling was hard.  However, I also have a summoner and feel as the two classes are completely different.  With the summoner, your cat tanks most of the damage, so I think the switch to the KFM, probably feels a little odd for you.  But with your counter skill, your evasion skills "e","q", and "s"x2, you can defintely take out most mobs without taking a bit of damage.  It just takes more planning and coordination.  


One final important thing, you need good ping to fully utilize a lot of the skill timing moves a KFM has.  A good FPS is also required too.  Before you invest the time, i hope you understand that in the beginning, a good ping and FPS may not be required to clear out the easy mindless mobs, but when you hit 45, bosses become harder and pvp opponents will also know what they're doing more, so mashing counter may not work like it used to.  At this point, you really need to have good timing, a collective and cool mind, a plan, and most importantly, a good computer with a good internet connection to win.  


When you're level 15 and entering the arena, you're getting boosted to be around level 45, but you have to understand that you are missing 30 levels of skills and skill points.  I believe youre fighting mostly level 45 opponents who have better items, soul shields, and have pvp skill specs.  I would say its like comparable to a trained professional ufc fighter vsing a 10 year old kid.  Arena is really not fair until you hit level 45.  I believe a really important and good skill or two is unlocked at hitting 45 for every class.  Even going to the arena at level 44 is a big disadvantage.  Forget about attempting it at level 15.  


Best of luck, PM me if you ever need help.  

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