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Cant buy Ncoin and Latency looting problems.


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Since the last patch, every time i try to buy Ncoin i get a message:  You have exceeded the number of attempts allowed.


Didn't think i have made many transactions due to a terrible exchange rate between countries. $20US is currently $30.14NZ which makes the Hongmoon store items far more pricey for me than most.


The other problem i having is being located in New Zealand, there is a small amount of latency. This doesn't affect my play outside of PvP but doesnt affect my ability to loot drops. For some god awful reason loot is FFA, especially the boxs dropped by bosses at the end in green instances.

Normally, i dont care that much, i have more repair hammer/dumplings/potions than i will ever use, but when im outfit farming this becomes a problem, i feel the outfits regardless of where they drop in group content should be on a roll. I cant remember the name of the instance but its final boss is Dura, she drops an outfit i was farming for, I rarely get the box, but 3 times now i have seen people celebrate getting the outfit from it without a roll taking place, i always try to loot it, but due to my latency i never get it.


The same thing happens with the Wheel gambling games. For example, gold Deva dies, everyone rushes to the wheel and spams F. In most games, the wheel would register everyone rolls independently, no waiting, no muss no fuss. But in BnS, only one person can use the wheel at a time. When your late is slightly higher than most, you can be sitting waiting forever while one person after another runs up to the wheel and out spins you. "Ok theres 2 of us at the wheel, i cant roll so i will wait, ok finally the other person done time to roll. Damn someone else just approached the wheel and now i still cant roll even though i was there first and next in line." Frustrating. sometimes i get overtaken by 6 or 7 people, and if they have 10+ rolls it can be a loooong time before i can a chance.

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