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Green graphics color?


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So my problem is that when I log into the game I see this


However the game works fine. I can move around good etc. No FPS drops or stutter. No issues at all except for that green color. I'm wondering if there is something on that my graphics card doesn't like and if so is there a way to turn it off? When I click "optimize for low end pcs'" it goes away but the graphics look very bad. So I'm wondering if there is a way to turn off the cause of this without having to turn on optimize for low pc's. 

I'm using windows 7
Nvidia Geforce 7800 GTX
2280 memory
i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHZ, 3401 MHz, 4 core(s)

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I have noticed this happening before with my last graphics card when I first got skyrim. It was because of the lighting with Anti-Allasing.  I'm wondering if that could be the issue. If anyone else is having this problem or may know how to fix it, please let me know.

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