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My Issue with Classic mode


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Hello everybody. So i've been playing MMO's for a long part of my life. Also been playing WoW for 8 years. I've always been a PvP player using alot of space on his Keyboard instead of a Mouse. I wasn't that kind of a person playing with a Razer Naga because it just felt uncomfortable for me. I used to move my character with my Mouse by pressing both LMB and RMB at the same time. As i started playing BnS i just couldnt coordinate my Mouse and my Keyboard skills and it felt really awkward. So i decided to switch to classic mode and but my Autoattack on 1 and my RMB on 2. My 1. ability was but to Q and my 2. to E - my Strafe on R. That was working just fine for me because i'm a main Sin player. i had no issues or even a disadvantage over people using the BnS mode. So i managed to improve my Sin play and get up to 2k rating in this preseason. I decided I wanted to Level up another character to start learning more about the game and different classes. I did chose KFM for my 2. character. Once i hit level 45 i started playing Arena. I managed to struggle my way up to 1700 Rating because i just couldnt do the 3rf combo at that time due to my LMB being my 1. Now try yourself pressing 3 -- 1 -- F -- This aint comfortable and is really slow. So i switched my Keybinds arround a little but couldn't find good results because my Strafe abilitys have always been on awkward keys like T and Y. Im using a Razer Black Widow Ultimate Chroma which is a fairly big Keyboard and my Hands are comparably small. After struggling arround for a while i decided to switch to BnS mode on my KFM. It felt like i've never played the game before. i had no clue what i was doing in my Arena game and i just couldnt syncronize my Mouse and my Keyboard well. 


Now theres my Question to all of you. Have you guys also had issues learning to play in BnS Mode? is there any KFM playing classic mode without Mouse skill usage?

I just cant seem to find a good solution on Keybinds that feel comfortable on my KFM. Anyways, thanks for reading and im looking forward to your replys !

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