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Multiple Blaze?


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I saw a skill called "Multiple Blaze" in the skill tree. I also saw a video how this skill works and how much damage it does.... Is it a bit OP or so? I mean like... 27-33k Damage in 5 Seconds... Check this video. He is doing so much damage with it. (ofc he is on korea server but the numbers are insane). Im aware that we are not making this much damage but I mean.. damn.... I skipped to the minute where he did it.





Any oppinions?

I think we are doing the half of its damage depends on what gear we have. But its still much damage on AoE... Force Masters are still op right now i think compared to other classes i feel...

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For pve: Its not op, darkfire dragon+spirit surge actually have higger damage DPS-wise, and its almost spammable. However its a very good burst every 60 sec, but afaik, you need to stand still otherwise it get interrupted.


For pvp: Unless you opponent is an idiot, forget about using it. You would never make it work on higger rank at arena, at open work, if enemy aren´t focusing you, HAVE FUN.


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