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Salvaging soulshields sometimes causes you to salvage equipped soulshields.


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I've had this happen at least 15 or so times now.. currently having to farm insignias AGAIN because I salvaged one of my fully enhanced moonwater soulshields.. AGAIN.


Not expecting compensation, but please address  this issue, it's frustrating.


I click the salvage button, then I click a soulshield I want to salvage then for some odd reason, it decides to equip that soulshield I wanted to salvage and salvages the soulshield I had equipped instead.

It should not be possible to change equipped soulshields with left click after having clicked the salvage button but sometimes it seems like it is possible.


This doesn't just happen with soulshields either, it can happen with equipment too (and did once happen to my siren belt)

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