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So I have a question here in my business I have a discless setup so my 10 computers here is connecting to my server CPU so whenever I update games I only update them once.


But the problem is when I update there's only 1 mode I can choose from its either I can access the game disc D: or the program files disc C:


I don't really Install games in drive C since it's only for OS, so I installed BnS in Game Disc mode but the nclauncher was installed in disc C: so when I saved the game the ncwest folder in program files wasnt save because I can only access/save 1 disc at a time.


What I did is I tried adding the ncwest folder in program files it work I was able to play the game it just needed to verify the files for almost 30mins then isaved but since I mentioned I can only save/access 1 disc at a time upon saving and opening the computer it says this.




Since I hide my game disc from customers here in my computer shop I just let them access short cut .exe to be able to play because some of them copies my game files.


So what I did next is I transferred the NCwest folder from program files to the game disc it self and changed the start in and folder target for the launcher I was able to process the changes I verified the game file again since Im updating then I was able to play for 20mins so I saved the changes I tried to launch it again.


It says that game is not installed again and I notice that the launcher still says program file C here look everytime I download the ncwest launcher it defaults to program file C it wont let me choose where to install it what to do?




As you can see it still says program files folder but I already transfer this file to the game disc so all changes will be saved like the verifying the game and what not I don't know how to fix this now.

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