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I know you guys won't care but fudge it


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I was so happy to hit gold on my FM. I still don't understand A LOT of stuff and I felt more like I smashed buttons sometimes. FM is def harder than Destroyer so far. I fought all the classes, lost to a level 25 summoner (lmfao) then turned around and won against a level 45 summoner. Fought a level 28 destroyer that wrecked me then beat a 43 destroyer. It was actually fairly humorous but I understand the frustration more against assassins and destroyers. Na, they're not op. I learned I really cannot afford to blow cool downs and miss skills on assassins. KFMs felt a bit easy but I know they were like me and kinda had no idea what they were doing (so we were both newbies lol).


Funniest part was that I KNOW not to attack during the first iteration of spin yet I kept doing it like a dumbass lmao. I actually had to change my build very frequently against each class.





Again, I know Gold ranking legit doesn't mean jack shit but I was really happy with myself. To you guys that do read this, what class do you honestly and genuinely feel is the hardest to play? I love my destroyer and she'll always be my main but I want to get more classes to 45 (I enjoy leveling...I'm crazy I think) and really add in more input to the frequent OP threads with more personal experience.

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Does anyone feel (that play KFM or have played it) that KFM is as rewarding feeling when you manage to pull out a win? That might be my third 45...


Also still looking for suggestions as to what you guys would consider a high skill cap class to PvP with.

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