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Game Internet Problem


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Hello there,i have some serious problem with my nc soft launcher that ive neved experienced before in any game i have been playing (and i did play alot of games in many years)

so the problem is when i start my pc everything is fine my ping is fine router is great everything is working normally,when i start my nc launcher my internet is changing to like 2000ms ping to any website barely can open any site or use the internet at all,as soon as i close the launcher the ping goes back to normal which is about 30ms,ive tryed many things to fix that,completely stopping the firewall windows guard hell i even completely uninstaled my antivirus program,ive checked all my processes in the task manager everything seems normal i just dont get the reason why that is happening and never seen something like that before i run the launcher under administrator rights tryed reinstall the game nothing really works,so when i get this big ms my launcher is stuck at downloading repair fails and it never runs the game as its downloading them with 0 kb/s the only way to fix this is to reset my pc a few times untill its fine when istart the launcher or to reset my router but its a damn virgin media takes 5 minutes to reload and im 100% sure i dont have any blocked ports or whatever in my router settings so if anyone can help will me much appretiated also sorry for the english xD

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