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Do I suck so bad with sins or are people actually "lying"


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I main an assassin and have a summoner (currently 35 or something) as an alt.

I often see in the arena lobby people arguying about how easy sins are and that destroyers and summoners are overpowered only if the player is a "pro" because they require "skills".


for summoners I am pretty sure they are overpowered as I reached gold at level 18 and I am assuming destroyers are also overpowered and easy to play as you see most destroyers using the same combos with all the classes and still get kills while I am still learning how to play against each class as it seems to me like sins need to adjust their playing style with each opponent.


that was just my opinion though, here I am asking for more opinions in the forum as people in here seems more.... mature if I may say.


anyway thank you all in advance.

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i dunno why ppl think gold is good and for getting gold easy "their class must be op". now if u got plat or diamond on your level 18 summoner then I would say summoner is op. but there are no low levels at higher rating. cus people know how to play. and u miss alot of skill then you wont win shit...  Summoner , destro and blade dancer are all "strong" atm cus they are easy to learn. but all the classes in the game are really hard to master. the fact that iam faceing more forcemaster and blade master at 2k+ is not cus they are "Op" classes is cus the players themself are good...

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Summoner and Destroyer are the easiest classes to pick up with easy to understand mechanics and ways to win. Plus ATM Summoners have a huge advantage. This changes later when BMs and Sins get the hongmoon skills, etc. Overall I'd say Summoner is the easiest class to win with since I've seen lvl 18 plats and Sin does take a bit more time to master, however, all classes are actually really good IMO except FM since I haven't seen em do much, but, I could be wrong.


In Korea I've heard the top 3 classes are 

Blade Master


Blade Dancer


I've also heard there's only 4 summoners in the top 100.


So you can probably go with that in terms of skill/potential.  (unless I've been lied to)

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