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my security code is no longer valid


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your guys support page is *cricket*ing broken btw, keeps redirecting me to my ncsoft account as opposed to  the SUPPORT PAGE.


i think i figured out what happened, i had wildstar transfer a account to a dummy account and i think they transferred my entire ncsoft account to hte dummy account.


wich royally pisses me off.  


because now im screwed out of my guildwars 2 account as well >.>

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Greetings BodheeDharma,


We're sorry to hear about your account troubles as well as that you're unable to submit a ticket. We suggest trying the following steps in order to get the ticket system to work properly:

  1. Clear your cache.
  2. Try submitting a ticket through a different browser.
  3. Log in and out multiple times.

If you are still unable to  submit a ticket through the support site, you may email customer support directly at support@bladeandsoul.com.

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