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Which class, after summoner, has the best chance in arena before 45?


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I know a lot of classes need 45 desperately for all the skill points they can get to make the class at the balanced level of play (meaning that two players of equal skill who know their classes, its gonna be a toss up).


But I also know that summoner can be "viable" pre 45 just due to the stupidly easy class that it is, it doesn't need all those skill points. (That being said, at 45, and at 1800+, summoners get eaten for lunch, no matter how much people scream OP).


So what other class can be "fun" pre 45 in the arena, ie, have a decent chance if your opponent isn't top of his game?


Sin's I would assume need to be closer to 45 for the permastealth abilities...


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