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Suggestion to fix faction domination (and inactive accounts taking up faction population).

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It seems that there is a problem with one faction predominately taking over everything on certain servers, making the game frustrating, unfun, and unfair for people who get "stuck" in the wrong faction.


Now, coming from the low population server gunma, we can't just advertise clans to come together and do things because there's literally hardly anyone online (on blu), while red has people online all the time farming all the pvp stuff.


The game would be in a healthier state if all the more active players weren't flying to the same faction, as it'd be easier for factions to actually do territory wars against each other (while you can kind of do that now in some servers, I'm sure the stronger faction still takes things over on most days outside of these little events).


Imo this could be balanced by measuring various stats about factions and the members of that faction.


For example,


Blu kills vs Red (PvP)

Blu kills vs Red (PvE)


Faction members at level 11 or higher (you can join a faction at level 4, which leads to people making alt accounts to get into the superior faction, while further gimping the weak one - not to mention people who quit the game, bots, etc).


Getting a count of that can give a more realistic population count.




Instead of limiting faction joining by "Faction Population" we limit it based on "Faction Strength" or "Faction Power" or "Faction Superiority" or "Faction Activity" etc.

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