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Impossible combat, talk to NPC and map update after log-in.


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Hello folks,

I’m creating this topic to report problem, and get some pieces of advices for a recurring problem.

I’m a player from Ogong server (FR), so forgive me if I made any mistakes in my prose :)

The first launch of the game is usually correct; I can play for several hours without any problems.

After a correct log-out and termination of the game, for whatever reason I need to shut it down, every time I try to restart the game, I’m unable to play.

The log-in step is correct, as well as the PIN and the character selection, but once in game, I’m unable to do anything.

I can see other players, my clan can see me online.

But, I’m unable to:

-Talk to NPC,

-Attack monster,

-Use my cat: It acts oddly too, the “cat” icon on the map is immobile and sometime spinning, and my cat follows my character for a few seconds (10? 20?) before freezing in position.

-Change zone using the “round white portal”,

-Switch channel.

In this state, the log-out of the game is correct.

After an undetermined delay; 3 hours yesterday, 5 hours on Tuesday, the game is back functional.

Please, have a look at the attached screenshots:

-Screenshot 1 (on hostingpics)

-Screenshot 2 (on hostingpics)

The first shows the cat in “freeze” state, with the wrong cat position on the map.

The second one is showing the inability to switch channel. I also had this problem in the desert zone, where there are 6 channels available, but I forgot to took a screenshot.

Thanks for reading this and best regards,


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