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I met a person who purposely sit there and waited for his teammates to clear dungeon content.


We were a dungeon finder team across servers for ToE. We had three people that were lvl 45, including myself and this guy. This guy was following behind us, without joining a single fight. He was just sitting there at the far end of each map area whenever we changed map, going afk and waiting for us to clear content for him.


The team leader was the last lvl 45 player in the team. He was too lazy to kick him out.


We, lvl 45 players at ToE, knew that we were just there for dailies. For us the dungeon was easy. And even that this afk-er didn't have enough respect to contribute a single left click to the team. But he had the motivation to push the W button to move across maps and to follow us through. I really wished I could report this guy in my team list for misconduct in team content.


This guy's name is 'zLazark Kertia', lvl 45  Blade Master on Juwol server, in Clan 'olo'.

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