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Weird matchup


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So I was playing against a summoner today and something unusual happened...besides me winning this one, which is pretty unusual for me with summoners anyways.

As a BD I make it a habbit to stun the cat for 30 seconds, which doesn't really work anymore since most summoners have figured out to stay close to the cat or wake it up with some skill.

Sometimes the cat and the summoner look the same to me and I seriously can't tell the difference so I thought that I grabbed the cat and stunned it but it was actually the summoner.

And here's where it got weird.

The summoner was actually stunned for the full 30 second duration and I was able to kill the cat with 0 interference.

Which of course let me vs the summy with full hp, so kind of obvious how that one ended.


Anybody else managed to get this strategy to actually work with a better chance of 1/100?

Never been able to stun anybody for that full duration before.

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