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need help to move only the game folder not the launcher

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Hello guys,

my game launcher is in C:  directory while I installed the game on another HD.

Now I'd like to move the game folder in another partition on my SSD disk without moving the launcher in C:.

If I copy/paste the BNS game folder, how do I change the launcher in order that it can load the game from the new location?

Ty for a reply and have fun


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possibly the safest way is to:


1. copy the BnS directory to the new location you want it in

2. uninstall the NC Launcher (windows->Add Remove Programs)

3. re-download then install the NC Launcher again (this ensures you have the latest launcher)

4. During install when it asks for the game destination choose the BnS folder in the new location


that should then do a verification and after that you should be good to go. (and only then delete the old install location)

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