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Concerning my hardware


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Hey all,


I have a early 2015 MacBook Pro and I'm wondering if my hardware is enough to play the game. I can setup boot camp easily, but I'd like to know my I can run it before going through the hassle. Anyways, I have 8Gb of RAM and I have a 1.5 GB Intel Iris 6100 graphics card. Are these specs enough to play? I checked the system requirements but i don't know how the Iris 6100 compares to the ones on the requirements page. 



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Keep your expectations very low.


It's playable, but nothing spectacular even in low end standards.

Consider buying an eGPU with something like a GTX 950 to couple with your macbook for better performance.


Update (1:38pm)

Sorry, but I meant to add something, but I headed off to lunch.


When it comes to eGPU, you have a choice of doing it yourself [DIY] or purchasing a chassis build yourself. Please note however, that a DIY will be significantly cheaper than buying an actual eGPU chassis.


Here is a pre-built eGPU chassis -



And then there's the DIY version that I bought for my laptop that only costed me $106 (eGPU + PSU), and that includes s/h + tax. However, also be wary that you have to understand a bit about computers and how they run before attempting any of this. As for a DIY, you have to be okay with touching sensitive electronics.


I built my own desktop for both myself, my fiancee and for other co-workers and know how to perform physical maintenance on my laptop, so this is nothing new to me.


If you're too scared in doing it yourself, I would suggest buying a gaming PC for your peace of mind and convenience.

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52 minutes ago, unknown42011 said:

Thanks for the reply, kind of disappointed. Those external GPUs are really cool however as a student I'd rather not spend that kind of money to play a game I may not actually like. But thanks for all the info!


Completely understandable.


Feel free to keep this in mind if you do end up considering when you have the finance. It's a nice alternative to PC gaming as a whole without the mess of building a PC and/or making use of old laptops and turning them into brand new.


If you do end up wanting to try other PC games you may consider in the future, give it a go. Best of luck on your end.

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