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quest chapter 18 "the book of the thieves"


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I had a problem with chapter 18 quest which is level 27, quest " the book of thieves" i finished it then i return to Gil to claims the reward, but after click to him, nothing is happen, i think i skip the short video iss that the reason i cant do any other quest? , even when i click in to my bank, ít doesnt appear my vault but its appear the quest chapter 18 i click select quest then nothing happened , also cant click the esc 

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i have the same problem... and other NPCs around Gil say the same life with Gil so i can't even submit other quests...


This is exactly the same problem that is happened to me at the chapter 14 "The sand and the fury".

At that time, I solved this problem by the following steps.


1. teleport to other city ( to go to new area... i thought this would be some trigger)

2. abandon or finish all unfinished quests

3. quit the game and leave it for a while.

4. launch the game

5. talk to  the guy you want and do not skip the video clip.


but i dont know this works to this chapter as well..

I still didnt try because i dont wanna abandon the other sub quests...

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