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Hey, i know there is a lot of post about this same issue.... i've literally tried almost everything i found in the other posts.. i just want a posible solution..
im tired of reinstalling/repairing files also  i do not own any razer Device/program or whatever.. so please dont even mention that. would appreciate any contribution.. 

here is the screenshot of the issue15ovtao.jpg

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This is what i got from a ticket after sending them some of my spec and other stuff. no fix at all i havent played for 1 1/2 week. i disable razer and still doesnt work 


Precious (Blade and Soul)

Feb 4, 20:09


don't hesitate to let us know.

I want to apologize for any inconvenience and frustration that this issue may have caused but should you have any additional questions please

Upon reviewing your file attachments, we have found that you have XXXX installed which known to be currently conflicting with GameGuard. Thus, you have to temporarily uninstall the Razer Synapse to run the game properly. Unfortunately, we do not have any control over the GameGuard application itself and so in regards to this particular issue we will simply have to wait for an update from GameGuard in order for it to not detect Razer Synapse  as a threat. As far as I'm aware there were no changes in policy though sometimes after an update GameGuard will suddenly start blocking certain applications.


NCSOFT Support Team

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