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Account Lock Error 3746 NO REASON.


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This is a crosspost from another thread before I decided to make my own thread.


So. This is my new account registered expressly because my account got locked. A little background, first.


I'm from the USA. I live in California. I do not use VPN or whatever to change my IP or whatever that is. I don't use third party programs. I don't buy gold. I don't sell gold. I don't endorse either.


I was running Skittering Ruins for my daily quests, when I got disconnected, and now my account is locked for suspicious activity.


WHAT. GIVES. My girlfriend was literally a half hour away from buying NCoins for her outfit addiction on her account and now she's holding off because she doesn't want to lose her account as well. We both play in the same household, if that matters.


Seriously. WHAT THE HECK. Absolutely ridiculous ban for literally no reason?! Did a machine do this?!


Need a response because my entire clan of 35+ people is talking to me on our Discord server and we all play together. If one of us gets banned for no reason, we're all leaving.


I have already sent an email to support. I need an answer and fix HERE. I'm missing out on my dailies because someone screwed me over on NCSoft's end. I need a fix. Like yesterday.


This is completely unfair treatment for absolutely no reason. I do not do ANYTHING to modify the game or circumvent or break rules. Beyond ridiculous. If it's not solved, you guys are going to lose an entire multi-game clan of people, the majority of whom buy NCoins, or have bought them before, and will not be giving you guys money after this debacle.


Edit: Spelling.

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Same! Really disappointed. I don't have enough time to enjoy life as it is, even less for gaming. I got kicked off, could not log in due to "3746". I was trying to log in my account to submit a ticket or post on forum - "account is locked due to suspicious activities". I live in USA, no VPN, no buying/selling gold. Why am i getting the ban hammer? EXTREMELY UPSET, thanks!


Oh, and the funny bit is, I can't even log on to my actual banned account to submit a ticket for that --- Good Game! 

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1 minute ago, Lemonades said:

I've been banned as well on my account and I was literally in the shower when it happened and finished all my dailies.. I was literally about to level my other character with my friend when this happened. :/

Post on the other thread I linked above. The discussion over this situation is apparently catching there and we should divert our attention to that thread so a mod sees it faster. Sorry you got screwed too Lemonades =(.

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