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"Hastily scribbled Hongmoon Secret Technique" has anyone bought any of these yet?

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Sorry, i may be in the wrong forum, but in the US server this 2 itens that o describe are i the Blackram Supply Chain Exchange seller in the Blackram Shipyard, one of then costs 10 soulstones and the other 20 siren emblem. Yet they are useless, you can't do nothing with then at the moment,

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Picked up my Inferno X, 5 days ago, so yeah I bought one of those, and also a fan.


Pro tip; don't buy random crap from a vendor until you know why/how/when/what. I've seen/heard of many people who bought those items and now can't delete them from their inventories xD

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After get some time in the forum that is what i got, you need to have another item called Lightning Draw Volume 2, this bad boy can be obtained by doing the 4 man version of the Nightshade Harbor, from the last boss, is a rare drop and in the marketing cost 399++ gold

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41 minutes ago, Jing Zhi said:

I think you can buy the scroll from the achievement merchant in Zaiwei for 70 Naryu Silver.

Props on bumping a 6 month old thread.


Also, you need 1250 achievement points, otherwise it's not worth bothering with the merchant. Then you need to hit a bunch of monsters in endgame dungeons (i.e Sundered Nexus, can't remember what the other 3 are) in order to learn the skill, so if your character can't run those yet, don't bother.

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