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The Issue Nobody's Talking About! Secret Flaws NOBODY KNOWS.

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Hey there! Sorry for the Buzzfeed headline! Really want to raise awareness on this topic. I've made several goes at it before, but now I'm channeling my inner-viral marketer. My name's Sy'kess from

Umm in a few weeks they will release a "Clan Enhancement" coupon that you can buy in the Hongmoon store.   It will include all the basic guild management tools most other games give you for

In a few weeks NCsoft will release a "When were they on last" coupon, this along with the "Clan enhancement pack" will be available in the Hongmoon store, each for $20-$30. SO EXCITED !!!

On 2/5/2016 at 6:44 PM, Sykess said:

Hey there! Sorry for the Buzzfeed headline! Really want to raise awareness on this topic. I've made several goes at it before, but now I'm channeling my inner-viral marketer.

My name's Sy'kess from Jiwan, I run a full clan called <Lickable Lolis> and I've come across several problems with the clan system. These issues aren't glaring like the bots were, or available to everyone like the character-bound Cash Shop costumes, however I can assure you that if you're in a clan, you're being affected by them in some way.

  • Kick feature: Currently the kick feature is a simple "Uninvite" that you just have to know is associated with removing a person from the guild. It's not intuitive at all.
    Solution: Change text to "Remove from guild" "Guild Kick" or some other text that is more easily identifiable as a guild function.
  • Clan Sort: Level is repeated twice in this function. with one being a sort by the characters level, and the other by their rank in the clan.
    Solution: Change the Level text to "Rank" or some other text.
  • Last Online: This is not a feature yet, but as leader of a clan this tool is indispensable. With Blade & Souls high item requirements for ranking up as well as gold needed I cannot maintain an active clan without knowing if some members are inactive or not.
    Solution:A tool that simply tells the last time they were online as seen in many other MMO's would be of great help.
  • Clan Advisor: Currently the "Officer" position is limited to one person. As I run my clan with multiple officers ( generally 3-4 so people don't have to be online ALL the time) this causes problems. I wish to provide the distinction that ranking up gives from recruit to veteran, however I'm unable to do that if I have to reserve the veteran rank for those I would normally put in the Officer/Advisor position.
    Solution: Allow multiple people to be appointed to "Advisor."
  • Clan Notice:  Currently you're unable to use apostrophes in the clan notice board. if you use one it will replace it with &quot.
    Solution: Unsure.
  • Clan Log: Another suggestion. Since clans require a large amount of donations to progress a log so we can see who donates what, as well as other general things like members joining and leaving would be very helpful.
  • Alt Management: People are Altoholics, I don't want to tell people "No" you can't join on your alt, however it's getting to the point where it's unsustainable to allow ANYONE to have an alt in the guild. However, when people are leveling their characters many still want to be in a guild, so they'll find a new one. Now I'm fighting to retain my members.
    Solution: You can have as many characters as you want in the clan, but you're only allowed to have 50 (or whatever your cap is) accounts registered to it. This way clans are still

tl:dr Please complain loudly so your hardworking clan leaders don't have to slave away on excel sheets monitoring activity and donations. Seriously, do you know how much of a pain it is to mark down EVERYTHING the clan does?  It's *Cricketing intensifies to a deafening roar*

Ps. Further suggestions are welcome and will be added to the list if they're constructive.
PPS. Raise a stink about this. I know you really want your account-bound costumes, but this is basic game functionality that's simply missing.



I was a guild leader once, and I approve all these requests. I can't imagine how difficult it is to manage a clan in BnS right now and the sad part was, it doesn't need to be that difficult. 

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