From the looks of things assassins need a nerf

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16 minutes ago, ZackGTie said:

Thank you for replying! This is what i wanted. To educate myself and speak to other players about their classes so i can better understand it. I don't play sin since is not ma style and i will never play it as good as my opponents. The thing about my pvp experience is that i play at low settings and most of the time i don't see your animations and that is one of my biggest problems. That is why I'm complaining about thing that i can see, my chill stack and freeze. Even in that state sins and other classes also seem to be able to attack me even in that state.


Like i said i dont have to fps or ping to stack 3 chills for 1 stun, that can be evaded and then you are supposed to be frozen but you can still do your combos and attack if im in range. sometimes for me is a 1 on 1, i freeze you and you stun me but since im in range even when frozen they can still do web and your counter seem to clear any conditions that might be applied to you.  The consequence of missing my 1 is that the 3 stack of chill will expire. and no longer able to stun you. Im not just complaining about my 1, my daze and other skills are evaded as well. so I cant follow up.


The downside of spamming Impact is that if you are not in a stance, you cant use skills Z, X, C, V so if i use my iframe or LMB, RMB just to chose a stance. I spent my iframe on nothing or you evaded my LMB and RMB. That  is frustrating and when i use my grab+v combo you can evade phantom grip. Im not new to pvp and like you said there is no symphaty for other classes but I'm not bashing on assasins nor I'm not crying. Maybe i can disccuss the matter in the forums and understand your class a little better?


The problem is that you can no longer have a discussion with this new generations since they all cast you aside and label you noob or get better. I know i have to get better and that is what I'm trying to do. 


Thank you for sharing your opinion FakeName.

All classes can, to some extent, deal with chill stacks in limited supply.  The main issue with FM is they can indefinitely reapply chill stacks.  For classes like sin specifically  if our E/SS is down and you are not close enough for us to Q an attack to evade into stealth, we are SOL until the freeze wears off.  The other issue is that chill locks out all of our approach skills which includes our longest iframe.  Without our approach skills we cannot use our 1 (Shadow Dash) to enter stealth even if we position swap you with turning leaf


Once you have frozen us in place you can simply walk behind us and get free dps while we can do almost nothing about this since we cannot use most of our iframes without a target.  We also have to be extremely careful not to get hit with your defense shatter skill snowball as it locks us out of our counter (our primary defensive skill and one of our most frequent ways into stealth)for like 8s.


Once we bypass all those challenges we have to avoid allowing you to build frost orbs.  Once you have gotten some frost orbs, we receive a stack of chill even if we attack you, meaning attacking you locks us out of our charge skills and applies a persistent, long duration slow to us.  Once you have frost orbs, we have to not only avoid getting hit by you, but we have to understand that we are hamstringing ourselves every time we hit you.  


At that point, we really only have the option to do things like run.  Except you outrange us, have a slow on us, AND have two movement skills in your Q/E, and if you screw up you just ice statue yourself for cooldowns/healing.


FM is just not a fun matchup.  Even when I beat FMs I leave the match feeling aggravated.  

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7 hours ago, ZackGTie said:

I never complained about stealth nor I did not mention flash bang. Please satay on topic.

The point I'm making is Sin's gimmicks doesn't even come close to what the other classes have to defend themselves. Flashbang does literally nothing because you can still see our names and damage ticks. All our stealth conditions save for two (Smokescreen and Fighting Spirit, both of which have 90 second cooldowns) require us to get up close and personal; Shadow Dash is a charge that requires your back, Hook Kick requires you to be poisoned and not in a CC'd state, Shadow Dance/Sidestep Left and Decoy require you to hit into our resist/counter, Shadow Drain needs you to be poisoned and us in stealth, and Bolt Strike needs us in stealth and has a 60 second cooldown while briefly removing us out of stealth and letting you turn around and stun us. Meanwhile, any time we are out of stealth, we literally cannot do anything to you unless you are CC'd, most of which require us to be in stealth, while our counter has an 8 second cooldown and our longest iframe is a charge which means we're quite defenseless out of stealth.


As FakeName explained, Force Master can pull a lot of stupid stuff that effectively disables us, and has multiple back-ups to escape from being combo'd to death by us.

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