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kb/s on launcher decreases?


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i wasn't really sure what to name this topic, or if it's even in the right place (i'm fairly new to this forum, sorry), but there's something happening with my B&S launcher that's really getting on my nerves. so, it starts at around 200-300KB/s, and then the number just keeps decreasing, and the 'Time Remaining' increasing while it does this. it'll get to 0KB/s, and then start back at 200-300. it's not stopping the download or anything, but i think it might be slowing the download speed. i'm at about 20%, and it just keeps doing this thing over and over and i'm wondering if this is an issue or not for anyone else, and if i could fix it, then maybe the download will proceed faster. 


any idea what this is and how to fix it?

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