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Bad Performance


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Hello, i want to complain about horrible performance of this game. In the first few days i had okay framerate like 40-60 and it droped down to 25-20 or so during huge action(medium settinges, all blur and other crap turned off). In the past few days im getting 15-20 fps in places where there are no people and this is unplayable.

My hardware: 

intel i7-4700HQ

gtx 760M

250 GB ssd.

Even though its a laptop these specs are greater than games recommended system requirements.

At first i thought that my game starts using intel gpu but thats not the case. During gameplay the gpu load is very low 15-20 percent at best. CPU load is about 12-15 also. And settings dont change anything, i tried all different combinations, there were situations where i lower settings and performace gets even worse. I even tried running on 320x200 size window, no improvement at all. And of course i tested other games and they run well. So what is happening?

As im aware this game has been around for a while now, it uses DX9. I have Windows 10 (not my choice btw) so this os may have to do something with this issue but as i said other games run fine so any ideas what's up? Is there any optimization update coming or something...

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your fps drop a lot during skills or movements? and battles? and sometimes your screen freezes for like a split second but still enought to ruin the game and kill you? cause if so I have this too and would like an answer for how to fix as well. (I dont remenber my hardware but I also play other games no prob. also I have windows 8 so its not your OS fault).

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