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(Sorry caps) HOW TO FIX THIS FREAKING S***?!!!


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Ok, if i am posting this, on NCsoft Forums, it's because i have no more options inside my fkng tired brain to fix this. Maybe the solution is really simple and my enrage cannot light my mind anymore. 

NCsoft, do you or do you not know how to fix this god-forsaken issue with the launcher? I am experiencing this mtfk 85kb thingie since the 1st closed beta. I completely erased the game, formatted my P.C. and re-downloaded a new launcher for a fresh freaking game client (it was my last desperate option for a solution to my struggle), it didn't work either. So, my frustration and anger, brought me here with this picture: 

if there's any permanent and definitive fix for this, then no force alive will be more thankful than myself. 

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