Desu Legion (Crimson Legion - Casual clan)

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Hello to all, and thanks for stopping by.


Humble Introduction

As most of you have probably seen, there's a lot of players in the Crimson Faction who are obvious anime fans and whatnot.  Spouting "Desu" left right and center in the faction chat, even we find this annoying but don't worry, it's all a bit of fun so don't take it seriously.  Still, some of us thought it would be a funny idea to create The Crimson Legion's first "Desu" clan in response to the people who feel the need to rudely call out anime fans and players for just having fun and finding common ground with other players.  Not everyone is a hardcore weeb guys n' gals!

So if you're an anime fan, or simply just want to join a casual clan and have fun with not-so-serious players.  Hit us up!


Were small at the moment but we hope to gain more members and a little more notoriety as time goes on.  Who knows, maybe Desu Legion will be a force to be reckoned with.  :D

Contact/ PM us ingame:


Motomara Aoi - Leader

Savra - Co Leader Advisor

Little Kotakii - Co Leader / Vet 


The things you should know:

  • You don't have to like anime, but in this clan... it helps.
  • Were not focusing on anything as of yet, were casual for now.
  • We accept anyone and everyone.  We have members from all over the world - Though English is our main language spoken.
  • Were still level 1 so don't expect anything too huge from us.  Though you can always count on support!
  • Were silly but were not immature or stupid.  Semi-mature is appreciated.
  • Were aware there's no alliance system but we don't say no to NAPs and Allies.  Crimsons have to stick together!
  • Have fun!!



A lengthy post I know, but if any of this catches your attention then please do not hesitate to message one of us.

See you guys out there, peace!



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