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General suggestion towards market place and massive scripts report


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I was a CN server CBT tester, some could have be done in EU server, which was proved to be correct in CN.



Currently, the Marketplace function is overloaded, assuming the issue is same as CN. Auto Scripts are refreshing the page in a millisecond unit of time frequency, if increase the search/page turnover time limited greater than 0.5 second, it shall massively reduced the server load, no additional work needs to be done.



Currency market shall be released, this will deduct the price of gold transaction, which makes script farming less profitable, which also reduces the number of scripting bots.



I am wondering where is the costume "Scarlet Bird" gone to.



Specific dungeon is fulfilled by auto bots, the reason of doing it is the free box which can be opened, by setting a limitation of not allow to open until the boss is killed will solve this a lot. However, people always find a way to farm, this work is like anti virus, which is a consistent procedure, can be effective, but not as efficient.

Current witnessed most bot dungeon: Goldleaf Foundary 



Unsealing charm in the market place is selling at a even higher price than in NPC seller, in a way this is an evidence of the lack of detail of structuring the game. The cost of producing the material of the charm is high, and the demand is high. Even with infinity supply from the NPC, still the market place goes overpriced. This is a kind of Market failure, if economist is concerned. The chance if getting unsealing charm from the daily chest shall be at least tripled. How do you think? 



Some specific bids are annoying, if the NCsoft wants to take the user enjoyment into account, a certain function is addable. 

Unbid setting in dungeon.

Player can set to ignore specific items in a dungeon if bid started.

Let's in dokumo, I have no interest apart from Dokumo soul shield 3 and moonwater tear. Then, in all the possible dropping items, I want to simply just let it pass automatically, so it doesn't pop out a window and forced me to click pass/pass all. This shall not be hard for you, a simple add on will do, but third party thing is not recommend by you, ain't it?



Translation work is done wrongfully. If you wish, I would like to be a volunteer to correct some decent confusion, since I speak both Chinese and English in a way like they are both my first primary language, the translation work in China was done in a much better term. 

Some reason of confusion happened is because in Korea, you all speak Korean. In China, we all read and speak Chinese. But in Europe, tens of different language is involved, things must be translate in the most understandable way, in simple straight forward language and sentence, but what you have done in somehow, is to put it in a way of how google translate will do, giving it in original order of the language grammar, translates the words one by one without taking any grammatical issue into account, so to those who aren't so familiar with English, will have problem in understanding, since they might only know a few words, and a few phrases and the most simple, present simple tense. 


I.e: Kfm, Iron Shoulder, Tier 3 stage 2 "after using readies Hellfire Kick." This has no difficulty for me to understand, but why couldn't you just say, "After using this, can use Hellfire Kick"

Counter: "On a successful skill", On a successful use/parry would look better. I understand to those who translates, it makes no difference to them, since they understand the language very well, but by the meaning of a translator, in the EU zone, given that Netherlander, Spain etc country's player to play, the way you translate the things needs to take language difference into account.  



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The market price of unsealing charms is higher than the NPC because you can instantly buy and remote mail deliver charms from the market. Players are paying to avoid walking to (or finding) and npc vendor - as is very common in mmo markets.

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