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Are misty woods keys being duplicated??


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Now i am not saying they are being duped but just voicing a serious concern and my thoughts about its current situation... Misty keys on the NA market place are being sold for around 70s each in stacks of 10 FOR MULTIPLE PAGES, which to me seems extremely low considering every blackwyrm brilliant box is 12 soulstones x 22s = 2.64G so a profit of 2G per wyrm.. also at least on the mushin server no one even wants to kill the terrors because lets face it the red 1 is just 1 big pain in the ass (speaking for melee) for and rng chance at a key,  its just a necessity to kill the blackwyrm in the base....  So these facts considered i would like to here some other opinions on this matter hopefully from other servers that say they indeed are farming Terrors consistantly and posting keys

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