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I'm not complaining, I don't really mind slow progress, but the fact is that ss plains are waste of time for me. The game is choppy and I can't do cricket over there as a destroyer with not so evolved weapon.

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On 3/26/2016 at 5:04 AM, Nilkemios said:

Dear NCSoft :


Gating soulstones (a component we need for nearly everything from Moonwater Plains onward) behind faction quests (and thus open world PvP) is terrible design. It's clear you did it because you knew no one would bother with it otherwise if they had other ways to get the soulstones from PVE that were decent.

Yeah I just hit that place and was googling ways to get the soulstone....pvp or pvp. I was really getting into the game and was just about to start spending money on it since it appeared it would be a good form of entertainment in the evenings...but this just kills any interest. The game is already grindy with pve that I am more inclined towards....grinding pvp which I loathe? LOL yeah no. I'll take my time and money elsewhere.

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Well....I'm trying to upgrade my weapon and accessories so I need almost 300 soulstones. So I went to Skypetal to try it ....most channels full in windrest...of Crimson, get killed after getting a meteor in your own camp, get killed transporting a corpse, ppl waiting on purpose (most of the time in stealth because I didn't see anyone around) that you get them to kill you, ppl camping the entrance of your own camp so you can't even deliver. Is that your fabulous PvP ? Is that the rush and accomplishment you want to get ? Then I think my idea of Real PvP is a bit different. There is no fun imho killing someone that is trasporting a Meteor and minding is own business and is clearly not a pro PvP'er. Changed channel whenever a channel was not full but it was the same. Result ? 3 hours of grief and around 20 soulstone when I was lucky enough no one was near. And that's because you PvP'ers have fun getting a easy kill. I don't know....I think ppl that act like that aren't real pvp'ers and it's an insult to them.


And again ...no ...this isn't LoL or any other PVP focused game, and The PVP you so much say this game is based on is Arena, surely not owPVP and surely not the way many ppl play it here, aside for all the good reasons other mentioned already.

So yes ....people like me that don't like to PvP are in fact roadblocked or slowed down to crawl for both crafting and upgrading. Mind you ..I don't mind grinding, but I can't grind hours and hours a day to get a few gold to buy a few soulstones. I have to grind a lot already to just get a couple of Tears (unless someone bids like 5-6 gold or more for it, and it happens quite a lot of times).


Add to that now Windrest thx to the merge is like 90% crimson and you can imagine how bad it is for ceruleans to do their dailies. And no ...you can't switch as it's chocked full of it already.

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Group 1 lvl 50 population is 61% crimson only (source: BnS tree).

Soulstones are under 25 silver each, a 30 minute cold storage plus Mandate run earns a _minimum_ of 5 gold.

So 300 soulstones should be no problem.


If you are too low level / geared to manage cold storage and Mandate, then soulstone plains are too high tier for you as well. Try Misty Woods instead. It's almost ghost town now, and a channel switch will usually mean you evade any trouble. 18 soulstones in less than 30 minutes.


It is not a surprise PvP materials are a bigger hurdle for PvE players than for PvX or PvP players, but they are hardly a road block. Try to imagine how it feels like for pure PvPers to get all the PvE stuff.

Of course that's easy said coming form a PvXer like me, and I feel with you. It can all be quite annoying while you try to find your way into the game, and only in hindsight it is all so easy. ^_^

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Cold Storage is a bit though as I only have 390 AP and mandate ...well I do have one Stinger (from the Story)....but I wanted to start doing it when I was with higher AP/HM...so I'm trying to upgrade first.

Besides I just got HM2 so maybe is a little too soon.

As for population, I guess Ceruleans just don't go there then, since counting all channels and the time I was there I saw 4 Ceruleans top, compared to the big zerg always present of crimson in the past 2 days.

Thx for the tip though, I'll try that.

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On 2/3/2016 at 2:02 AM, Lienn said:

Seriously...whoever had the idea of tying a key item to PvP content should be fired ASAP!


It's not fun for those who doesn't like PvP (in my case, hate it with passion) because you're forced to do faction dailies and have to deal with people that wanna PvP (and assholes PK'ing players at lower areas) and not fun for those who like it either because one willing for a PvP match wouldn't really be looking forward to easy kills on people w/o PvP build that was doing dailies because was forced to.


I started faction stuff only yesterday due the surge of need of soulstones imposed by higher level content but it's already giving me some tremendous headache...enough to start wondering if this game is worth playing at all. It's very saddening seeing such horrible design decision in a game that actually could've been awesome.


Would be nice they actually adding soulstones to PvE content as well. Tomb of Exiles has soulstone as daily reward so i assume this would be the best way to start...making lv40+ dailies offering soulstone as well...if not then making field bosses' loot dropping them.


The only thing that cannot stay is them staying only as PvP daily/arena reward because it creates a choking point for those that actually wanted to enjoy the PvE content because not everyone has money to pay ~30s per soulstone. =/


If no change is possible then just do like older games...add a toggle for PvP. Outfits can stay just as they are, with the toggle working only for players so the aggressive/ally mark stays working as now but only for NPCs when PvP is off. 


EDIT: An important point about PvP toggle: Be sure to prevent people with PvP off from getting prestige. IMO one wanting prestige is one actually interested in taking part of PvP so he must be targeted by other players.

farm soulstone plains :D

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I agree with the OP. Though I'm trying to make the best of it. I suck at pvp, but I have started trying to do more of it through the daily area quests just to kinda get used to it and make things a little easier on myself. With the Beluga Whale update, they did say that that is a main source of moonstones. So I do want to try it(will be terrified XD) but I want to make it easier on myself by just doing pvp as a means to an end, what with the upgrade costs. I'm not going to worry too much about losing (because I will) but more about just getting tasks done. If I can get more moonstones that way, since I figure it's easier to farm them than to farm the gold to get them, then I feel it is worth it. 


Edit, I will aggressively avoid things like Skypetal, because it is a cluster** out there. 

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