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How is blademaster's dps in pve?

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BM doesn't do the most damage, but it's very good. I don't spec/gear any threat (I'd actually rather someone else tank) and generally hold aggro unless someone has +threat, I have to block/withdraw out of range to avoid attacks during my draw stance because my party is slacking and not CCing, or I just can't get a weapon focus proc (or somebody else gets crazy procs).


I don't like anicancel DPS at all for PvE where you're not going to burst down 6 million health. It burns through focus like crazy for little or no DPS gain over speed flicker (which gives more hits to proc weapon focus regen). I only use honed slash on grabbed or blade stormed (draw stance x) targets. Then you're hitting 8-9k and it's good sustained damage thanks to the huge focus regen from blade call. Otherwise you just want to speed flicker in draw stance (does ~3k and hits 3 times per second with Awakened Siren) and use tier 3 stage 2/3 five point strike to dodge any red AoE and continue DPSing. 


For trash pulls where you need AoE, spec pierce into Singing Lark. It's a good sized line AoE that crits about 2.5k, attacks very fast for a few hits after block (or spec boot to give max pierce speed if you don't have aggro) and heals for 10% of the damage done. It really helps keep you up when you make a thirsty pull.


I generally spec ankle biter into sunder and cyclone into extra focus regen and try to use one of them before entering draw stance.

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In pve? 

The cool thing about blade masters, the fact that we have a complete set of skills that are pure stun and pure offesense.

For example, the V does ALOT of damage, matched with X, the 2 (multislash) and then the sheath stance 2 skills, all deal ALOT of damage, then when you make 3 into the offensive mode (the attack that hits the ground and leaves a fissure that enemies take damage), and then the air combo which you can do 2 times in a row (if you build 5 points tier 1-3 which at the end of the combo launches the enemy to the air without flipping them), the boot, the should tackle both knockdowns amazing if you pair with divebomb.  And last 2 strongest ability are flash step and lightning draw (idk what the book abilites for lightdraw does, but hte zen bean is OP).

THATS your pve, for arena, its just stun, and knockdowns, and divebombs, AND maybe youll win.

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Get the Blood Shade Soul Shields ( Purple Graded ) full set from Nightshade Harbor ( 24 man ) or Bloodshade Harbor ( 6/4 man )

And find the good critical soul shields around the area of Nightshade/Bloodshade for you to fuse.

My Critical chance is now 56% and Crit damage at 660 ( stat ) although I haven't fuse full crit on the BSSS ( Purple Graded ).

Make sure your weapon is at least around True Profane Weapon ( Level 10 ), Awakened Infernal Accessories ( Level 10 ) too + Siren Belt ( Level 5 ).

I recommend you upgrading your Awakened Infernal Ring to Awakened Siren Ring because of the significantly increasing stats that gives you more critical damage, more critical chance and evasion ( I'm not sure if you need evasion but it's a good thing to have ). It only increases your Attack Power by 1 but Crit Chance, Crit Damage and Evasion by a lot ( more than 45 at least ).

Your gems, at level 45 you should at least get the square ones. Get the purple square gem that gives you 80 lifesteal when you crit and the red square gem that gives you 160 damage/attack. I'm not sure about other square gems.

By then you should at least see more than 6k-8k critical damage each time you use a powerful skill for Blade Master.

Hope this helps, I still haven't break through other stuffs yet.


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