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My premium is useless like your servers...


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I guess im not the only one who bougth premium, and still cant play because your servers are broken..... I am not a noob in terms or Networking and IT. My PC is fine, my Network(firewall, antivirus, everything else...) is FINE! .... it's definitely not my FAULT that this MESSAGE pops out!!! http://postimg.org/image/8n8tsjpf1/ ... Please... Take notice of this.. and i Want you to Compensate the DAYS i cant log in and cant use my membership! .... It's my hardly earned little money i had and spent on YOU! Yet you mees up smthing every maintenance so BAD, that people cant even log in.. i dont minf Lagging, FPS drops.. but not to be able even to LOG IN!!!! that is SICK! .... Please, take immediate action... and if even NOONE esle.. I WANT COMPENSATION! .... Thank you.

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