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Blade Dancer CotTan's tutorial stream, how to get Diamond as BD


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Hello all , I am CotTan, 1 of the very first Blade Dancer that made to Diamonds since the release of the game.


i was not surprised how most of the  streamers and YouTube tutorials  talks about combos only ,i think currently we lack of people that's  willing to share tricks that actually helps you to win games. since i just got new network, i will be starting to stream Blade Dancer arena play, and sharing, demonstrating  all kinds of tricks and techniques against all classes that helps you can at least get to plat, especially against summoners,i will be showing  how to defeat the wall of summoners and Sins at 2000 rating.




The official forum looks unorganized, instead i posted on DOJO.





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Uploading your vods to youtube will help you grow your stream faster.


A guide with a "baseline" pvp spec with spec changes vs specific enemies and why, complete with a link to your youtube (now full of vods of past broadcasts) and your stream will also do wonders to help you get the word out.


I am looking forward to consuming content you put out. 

Good luck m8

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